Download KineMaster Pro MOD APK Version 2022 (Premium)

If you want to edit videos on your android devices professionally, there is nothing better than KineMaster Pro MOD APK. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook users always require an editing tool to make their videos more attractive and catchy to the eyes, so KineMaster MOD APK is the best choice for it. You can get KineMaster MOD APK from different sources, but most of them offer a free version with a watermark, while on [], you’ll find the premium version of the KineMaster app for free.

KineMaster Pro MOD APK

If you are in search of the KineMaster APK without watermark with free access to all of its premium features, then you’re at the right place. The free version of KineMaster has many limitations, including a watermark, no premium features, and more. But if you use the premium version of the KineMaster app, you’ll get features like Chroma key, Multi-layered editing, 3D effects, and much more. 

Features of KineMaster Pro MOD APK


Animations make any video more appealing and attractive to the human eye, so it’s a good option to add some beautiful animated effects to your movie clips. Performing different animations in videos is usually done by the PC editing software, but here, we have KineMaster, which offers these features for free. KineMaster Pro APK, available on our website, offers many unique and special products for its users, which you can enjoy free in this application.

Multi-Layer Option

Multi-Layer is another very demanding feature in KineMaster, which helps you add different audios, images, gifs, and animations in any of your videos. The multi-Layer feature makes your videos more diverse because you can work on multiple things simultaneously. There is also an option of settings of each layer which includes the timing and size.

Chroma Key

Chroma key is another popular feature in KineMaster Pro MOD APK, which allows you to change the entire background of the video. Chroma key component is usually found in the big editing software like PC software, but this feature in KineMaster appraised its advancement. Apply a green screen in your background during video recording, and later during editing, you can replace the green background with any other you like. If you want professional-level editing in your videos, then try out this feature as well.


KineMaster application has the option of adding voiceovers to your videos which prevents you from a separate audio recording of your sound because it’s hard every time to record an audio clip and then import it to your video. KineMaster MOD APK latest version allows you to record your sound in the App and apply it immediately. 

Live Preview

Live preview of your videos helps you keep checking your videos during the editing and get to know what’s going on in your video. Do some editing to your video and if you want to see that everything is smooth in your clip, click the live preview button to see it live.


The multi-tracking option in KineMaster without watermark APK allows you to add up to 8 tracks to your videos simultaneously, giving you the feeling of a studio where you are working on professional projects. Join the tracks and create new music for your YouTube channel or Facebook page. This feature is an amazing source of creating new entertaining stuff for different platforms.

How to download and install KineMaster Pro MOD APK

KineMaster Pro MOD APK is available on our site; follow the simple steps to your App now.

  1. Tap the download button link given on our website.
  2. Now, pick the version you want to download for your device and let the downloading start.
  3. Open your device settings and the security folder to enable the unknown sources and accept installing third-party apps.
  4. As you enable the resources, you’ll be able to install the KineMaster Pro MOD APK on your mobile phone easily.
  5. Let the installation process finish and enjoy premium features free with no virus risks.



Watch Video


Yes, If your mobile device supports 4K videos, you’ll be easily able to edit any footage of 4K resolution, thanks to KineMaster Pro MOD APK available on [].

You can easily download this MOD app from [] by clicking the download button link given on our website.

The MOD version of KineMaster will give you the premium features for free, and you don’t need to pay a single penny to use its features, while the KineMaster Pro will charge you for every single component. The application available on our website is KineMaster Pro MOD APK which has unlocked all of its premium features, and you can download it free.

You can download the latest version of KineMaster from our website by clicking the download button.

You’ll get more advanced and premium features that professionally develop your video in the Pro version.


KineMaster Pro MOD APK is a nice application for video recording from any gadget. We have provided all the information about this App, and you can download and install it easily by following the steps given above in this article. This App is available on the Play Store, but you have to pay some extra charges to use its premium features. Get yourself ready for another amazing application and download KineMaster Pro MOD APK now.

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